What Unique Content you need on your Construction Website?

What are the Construction Website Content guidelines?

For a construction website, the About Us page or section works the mojo. The rest is about services, careers, contact us and blog page. Keep in mind that unique content for a website can only help it to rank better and bring business. Here’s featuring the Construction Website Content guidelines:

1. Readability factor

Know where your majority visitors are coming from. Gone are the days when the internet was only limited to laptops. Now, with affordable mobile data services, people are using the internet more on the phone than on laptops. Thus a mobile responsive website is the need of the hour. And, the content should be easily readable on phone or tablet. So, make sure that the readability factor of the content piece is excellent.

2. Who is the audience?

Your construction website content is not just an introduction for others on the web. Even if you win your project/job through a bidding process or RFP, your website is still vital for many other factors. If you are a general contractor or plumbing services company, the federal/municipal agencies or developers/construction firms are going to look at your company’s website as they review your proposal. Your construction website content should evoke strong trustworthy vibes.

3. Easily-scannable content

There is this usual tendency of a reader. They all scan the webpage before they read. The website content – which also includes headers, bulleted lists, links, highlighted text, captions, images, and graphics – is used to enhance the interaction with the customer, too. Lure the viewers to a well-structured content piece, and they are going to stay, reducing your website’s bounce rate.

4. Headers and Paragraph content

Headers are very, very important. Not just for SEO (web optimization), but also for the reader having a good experience while going through the page. Headers, sub-headers help the readers to go through the page smoothly. Exciting headers grab their attention. Also, keep in mind, a paragraph’s word-count shouldn’t exceed beyond 70-80.

5. Include Links

Interlinking your pages with the other pages is an excellent practice. Write on relevant topics, and then divide them into sub-topics for interlinking on your website. It’s an easy way to create a web of articles. You can even link your service pages to the blog pieces or on client testimonials.

Lastly, concentrate on the blog page. You can seek inspiration for your construction blog from client questions, client work, client needs, current construction events, webinars, industry-specific news, customers’ concern or doubts. Maintaining a construction blog will also help you in improving your Search Engine rankings.

After reading this article, you will now not be bothered about what unique content you need on your construction website. Do you have many website content ideas for your construction website? Contact us if you need content marketing services. We are your digital marketing experts, designers, players, creators, builders, and promoters. We are Construction Marketing Gurus. Experts you need for a successful construction business.

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