Important Graphic Design Tips For Every Website

Graphics design is an important part of a website. When you think of getting a website, the first thing you should check is the user experience. When a visitor visits your website, graphics is the first thing that captures the users’ attention. The website must be appealing to get the visitor to stay on your website and increase your website traffic and increase business.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a technique where a graphic designer creates visual content to communicate with their targeted audience using a visual image, fonts, typography, etc. Visual designs such as banners, posters, logos, brochures, etc., are all different types of graphic design. But website graphic design is completely different. Here, you need to frame the graphics for a website, such as sliders, pictures, and backdrop animations that gain the users’ attention to increase traffic and sales.

Be a graphic designer that enhances your skill and portrays visual concepts that either inform, inspire or captivate people to make an effective decision.

Why is Graphic Design Important for Websites?

An appealing graphic design captivates the attention of a user visiting the website. Thus you must have a fantastic design that helps your website get more traffic. Though your content may be supreme, your graphic is not at par with the content; the website will not get business because the visitor will not stay on your website for long.

Now the question is; how can one make superb graphic design for a website that gets visitors’ attention?

We are here to answer your question and provide you with ten tips that a graphic designer must follow to create an appealing visual design for a website.

10 tips for effective Graphic Design

Graphics cannot be avoided; thus, a graphic designer, while creating the graphics, must keep in mind these ten tips that will surely benefit an effective graphic design.

  • Contrast ratio: When you create the graphics for a website, you must check for the contrast ratio. The background and foreground color of a website must be in a proper balance for a better core web vital score and better customer readability. When you choose contrast colors, the website looks more appealing, and the customers love the first appearance of the website once loaded.
  • Make a Cohesive look and feel: Before you move on to creating a website, create a cohesive color palette with 1 to 3 primary colors and 1 to 3 secondary colors. Finally, while creating a website, use these colors from your palette. Try to use different shades of the same color to create cohesiveness and a better look and feel.
  • Select readable fonts: While creating the graphics, you must select fonts that are easily readable. Do not use very stylish or curved fonts as it becomes difficult for the readers to read and google to understand that might improve your website rank. The font size must also be decent for the readers to read and Google to understand, the reason still being the same.
  • Use white space: White always looks great; you can have a website that has white color in the background. A website fully covered with images, text, and filler looks stunning, but the fact is entirely different. It seems completely unarranged. Thus, you lose a larger segment of the audience who visits and do not stay on it because of a bad user experience.
  • Maintain proper alignment: The alignment needs to be maintained for a better website look. Website created without maintaining the alignment seems haphazard, and the customer gets confused with the look and leaves the page and moves onto some other page for a better user experience.
  • Highlight the CTA button: The Call to action button must have an emphasis. After all, this is the button that helps the website owner to get business. Thus, it needs proper focus so that the customer quickly notices the button and contacts the owner for the purchase of goods or services.
  • Use real images: Using original or real images creates authenticity among the audience they trust your website to be real and no fraud. It will help the business owner easily sell the products or services as the visitors will trust the website. The potential customers will be easily convinced to purchase from the mentioned website.
  • Maintain consistency: The colors, fonts, alignment, and structure must be the same on all the web pages of the website. When you use different patterns on different pages, it looks odd, and simultaneously, it fails to create any brand awareness. Thus you need to follow the same pattern throughout the website.
  • Keep it simple: The website must not have lots of colors, fonts, and patterns. It should be simple, unique, yet appealing. It is the art that you must use to make your website look relevant and royal for a better customer experience. You just cannot show extra skills and waste your website look. The more simple the website is, the better is the traffic and bounce rate of the website.

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